Sacred Drum Making Workshop

10:00 am - 05/12/2018

@ Sacred Energy Empowerment Center

261 E 4500 S
Salt Lake City UT  84107

Answering the call, with your ECHO......

Create your tool of self expression, walk life to your own beat. Alethea is a Heart Warrior of Light, guiding you to breathe into your being and connect with the heartland of your soul. A place of sacred love, a divine love that emanates from deep within you. It is the light of your soul and it is completely pure and connected to all things, as one. This is a time where you will learn your own potency and contribution by immersing and feeling bliss and splendor through sound. You will be a creator and place your energy into your drum with rituals and rites from our indigenous ancestors.

Drumming is one of the oldest forms of vibrational healing on this planet. Drumming connects us with the natural pulse of life, our heartbeat, and the pulse of mother earth. Everything in existence has a rhythm. By drumming we entrain our bodies to the rhythm of life. Humans have an ancient and primal connection to the beat of the drum that is deeply transformative.

This experience is more than creating a drum, you will have physically created, birthed, manifested a tool you will use the rest of your life and echoes beyond our own living footprint here. With all that is going on with our bodies, psych and emotions takes a toll on us. We will create together, bringing into resonance our collective pulse. Each drum maker contributes to the vibration of the whole, from the heart. You will have space of creating your personal medicine drum drawing on your instincts and intentions. You will also learn about the science of sound healing, cymatics, and the history of the sacred medicine drum. It was the way- the indigenous people used them and they are making a come back. Be enchanted and swaddled with the love and nurturing energy of guided meditation, energy adjustment and learn the elemental natures and how to honor them.

***IF you are not sure what to select or you are a healer, energy worker, hospice, midwife, etc. and want help in selecting the right medicine for you please reach out for a private consult. -Alethea Browning Cox on FB or email

1. Drumming is for EVERYONE releases endorphins in the human brain that cause feelings of happiness and euphoria.
2. Drumming reduces stress and boosts the immune system
3. Drumming produces deeper self-awareness by inducing synchronous brain activity (Hemispheric Coordination) and promoting alpha waves
4. Drumming helps to releases negative feelings and emotional trauma
5. Drumming helps us to connect with self and others
6. Drumming helps us connect to the natural rhythms all around
7. Drumming provides a path by which we may access a higher power, connectedness and community
8. Drumming grounds us in the present moment
9. Drumming helps us to reach a state of self-realization

Your drum will be a maple frame with the medicine of the elk as the hide. (There may be a few called to the Buffalo and those will be available to order as well.)

Important Details to Note:
~ Elk hide and for those feeling called- Buffalo
~ 3 drum size options available
~ Final Day to register is Friday, May 4th.

12" Elk Hide, Maple Ring .....$239 Buffalo $279
16" Elk Hide, Maple Ring .....$285 Buffalo $325
20"Elk Hide, Maple Ring .....$329 Buffalo $369

Maple- Trees are the source of health and healing energy, maple helps release disappointment & disillusion, extends unconditional love to self and others allowing to experience more peace.

Elk medicine gives us stamina and endurance to get through the known and the unknown, leads us to unity with spirit and to a reclaiming of our original graces.

Buffalo medicine when we seek wisdom and guidance from the ancient ones, the Ancestors who came before us, drumming Buffalo opens the door to that vibration. Use if your intention is drumming to manifest into form.

Thing's you may consider bringing if available to you:
Yoga mat or something to sit/lay down on
Stick for a beater that is 10"-14"
Water bottle
Comfy clothes (IF it looks like weather will allow us to visit the river we will, bring appropriate outside wear.)
***Please commit with care, no refunds, you may gift or sell your spot.

See you there, AHO!!

***Private bookings available- Family Focus, Relationship Building, Trauma Healing, Reunions, Parties, Special Occassion and Heritage Claiming. It is your experience and can be created for the experience you would like.

PM for more information or email

Follow, Heart Warrior of Light on FB and check events for other workshops, Inner Adventure Retreats and personal expansion plans.

April 23-26, Inner Adventure Retreat- Zion National Park

Register for May 12:

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