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What Participants in Mark's Programs Say (a sample):

Mark is the best trainer I’ve seen in 20+ years of adult learning and training management.
-R.S., Curriculum Manager, Microsoft Corporation

The dynamic Mark creates in a room is purely magical! Into the fabric of standard themes, he cleverly weaves compelling stories and anecdotes that captivate his audiences...Mark continues to dazzle us with his talent and skill! I would highly recommend him to any potential client because, in my mind, he is a uniquely-talented individual who has no peers.
-C. L., Director of Mgmt. Development, Fidelity Investments

Everyone I have talked to has said they enjoyed your presentation very much, “The best we have ever had.” That goes for me as well, you exceeded my expectations. If I had to use three words to describe what you TAUGHT us, they would be: fantastic, powerful, and motivational.
-M. M., VP, MedOne Capital

Thank you for the exceptional training which you provided...Your passion and expertise came through during all parts of the two day course. You really have a gift and it came through loud and clear. As Amiel said, “To know how to suggest is the great art of teaching.” You suggested well sir.
-Rear Admiral Arnie Lotring, USN (ret), formerly over the USN Submariner School

Mark exudes an almost “healing” quality to “wounded presenters.” I actually felt like someone picked me off the floor, washed my face, and said, “You can do this—let’s try again!” Mark is almost...Wow! Just wow!
-C.B. Sales Manager, Honeywell Aerospace

Best communicator I have ever seen.
-R.J., Project Manager, Colonel, United States Army (ret)

Highly personable, courteous, and professional. Mark remembered and used our names. He is a tremendously caring man and a great asset.
-B. M., Proposal Manager, Granite Construction, rated Mark 10 out of 10

Mark’s program gets a 10++. I loved it!
-From an anonymous evaluation form

This is the BEST, bar none, speech I have ever heard. Exercises were great! Wonderful!
-From an anonymous evaluation form, rated Mark 5 out of 5

Mark was particularly engaging and passionate. I loved his enthusiasm! Great workshop!
-From an anonymous evaluation form, Lockheed Martin, rated Mark 10 out of 10

Everything was great! Best educated speaker and presenter I have ever heard. We need more people like him in the world!!
-From an anonymous evaluation form, rated Mark 10 out of 10

I have a low tolerance for all-day classes, but Mark really made this one go quickly—great instructor.
M.A., Stanford Research Institute (SRI), rated Mark 10 out of 10

I have participated in many sales workshops over a 21-year span. This was the most valuable information I have received. Furthermore, Mark was extraordinary. He is an excellent communicator and extremely intelligent.
-D.K., Sales Manager, rated Mark 10 out of 10

I enjoyed Mark’s use of art and history to demonstrate his points. he is a very talented teacher.
-M. R., General Counsel, CNA, rated Mark 10 out of 10

A very strong course and there is a lot I am taking away to implement. This course was worth the time, and the instructor, Mark, was outstanding.
-T.S., Senior Laser Scientist, ITT, rated Mark 10 out of 10

This workshop was awesome. It was well worth the time and money. The concepts we worked with will help me with internal and external customers. Mark gets a 10.
-B. Brown

I was so moved by this class that it brought me to tears. I have never had a better instructor in my life than Mark. I will use everything he taught me.
-From an anonymous evaluation form, rated Mark 10 out of 10

Mark’s use of drawings, and visuals on the white board and flip-charts, to illustrate points was very helpful.
-From an anonymous evaluation form, Johnson Controls, rated Mark 10 out of 10

Mark truly cares about participants as individuals, and was willing to share his knowledge and passion with us.
-J. B., Senior Consultant, Shipley Associates, rated Mark 10 out of 10

This workshop was research-based. Mark’s style is educational, professional, and very informative. I rate this workshop a solid 10.
-From an anonymous evaluation form

Fantastic presenter who is full of knowledge and ideas to push the class to think. Delivery is excellent. Mark keeps the audience involved and wanting more.
-M. H., Manager, McNeil Technologies, rated Mark 10 out of 10

Mark is thorough, interesting, and funny. Today’s workshop was very good.
-M. B., Supervisor, Dean Foods, rated Mark 5 out of 5

Excellent Class—better instructor. Mark’s ability to interact with ALL the students while engaging and teaching is amazing! I would go to any course he teaches.
-T. S., Chief Cyberanalyst, ITT, rated Mark 10 out of 10

Mark demonstrated the methods being taught. The presentation was fast moving, to the point, and badly needed.
-C. M., Dyno Nobel Inc., rated Mark 5 out of 5

Thank you for the incredible presentation you gave to our Department Managers Retreat last week. As you are aware, it was received by the group with great enthusiasm...It was obvious that you took the time to get to know who your
“customer” was and what we needed to understand. It was a remarkable experience and, unlike similar experiences, one I’ll not soon forget.
-M. J., RNC, Director, Davis Hospital & Medical Center

This course [Exploring Your True Capacity for Excellence] has reawakened a lot of thoughts and beliefs for me. It has inspired me to do more for myself and others.
-T. S., Social Security Administration, rated Mark 5 out of 5

His knowledge of the subject, confident manner of presentation, humor, and stories. Mark has an ability to impart his knowledge to others.
-R. W., The Commissionaires, Canada, rated Mark 10 out of 10

I liked the dynamic interaction, the quick pace, and Mark’s willingness to listen to work-specific situations. I give Mark and his workshop an A+.
-Scott D., rated Mark 10 out of 10

Very well prepared with relative field experience. Flawless presentation. Mark would be a national asset for any company.
-J. G., Director of Operations, The Reger Group, rated Mark 10 out of 10

Mark, you are so sincerely interested in the group, how can we help but learn.
-M. J., Trainer, State of Utah, rated Mark 5 out of 5

Mark Swain is amazing! He is now our facilitator of choice!
-D. H., rated Mark 10 out of 10 (client of a training company Mark does contract work for)

Mark’s delivery of the information was clear, concise, and interesting to hear. I felt alert all the time—never day dreamed! Mark is an excellent communicator and holds the attention of his audience very effectively.
-T. A., Proposal Consultant, rated Mark 10 out of 10

I was impressed with Mark’s ability to take participant comments and make them relevant to the discussion without offending anyone.
-From an anonymous evaluation form, rated Mark 10 out of 10

I enjoyed today’s program very much. I found the information very useful and easily applicable. Mark is dynamic, interesting, and motivating. He kept my attention. I have thoroughly enjoyed this four-day course. I have already used the information we have learned on the job and will continue to do so.
-D. R., Director, HealthSouth, rated Mark 5 out of 5

Mark, you seem so relaxed and seem to have it all together. I could tell that you were genuinely interested in our interests.
-Jan A., rated Mark 5 out of 5

Mark, this is the best training course I’ve ever been through! Everything you taught relates to the relationships we have with our clients. I enjoyed the involvement and participation. This course has really opened my eyes to see what I can improve on.
You have been great!
-C. B., State of Utah, rated Mark 10 out of 10

Mark is a great motivator—and full of knowledge. He made it easy for everyone to understand the material.
-S. B., Graphic Designer, Shipley Associates, rated Mark 10 out of 10

All (training company Mark does contract work for) instructors are immensely qualified. What made Mark special was his various life experiences and their application to the course, and business development and proposal processes.
-C. L. Director of Business Development, rated Mark 10 out of 10

Mark, you are awesome! You are very intelligent, nowledgeable, and a great communicator. I especially enjoyed the participation aspect and the wonderful, practical examples of how to apply what is learned. Thank you.
-S. U., Utah Peace Officers Training Academy, rated Mark 10 out of 10

Mr. Swain was very encouraging and non-judgmental (writing is very personal). he was also very clear and set a nice pace.
-M.W., Biologist, BLM, rated Mark 10 out of 10

Mark, you are very skilled at facilitation—even giving us time to think about questions, helping us formulate our learning, and adapting the agenda to our needs.
Congratulations and thanks.
-F. M., Ph.D., Independent Consultant and Trainer, rated Mark 5 out of 5

This presentation was excellent! It was exactly what we need for our new business. Thanks!
-S. C., Owner, Mr. Nebo Auto, rated Mark 5 out of 5

Mark is an excellent speaker and presenter! He made the class feel comfortable in asking questions and discussing concerns. Mark is “Best of Breed!!”
-J. K., Frontier Systems, rated Mark 10 out of 10

Mark was great at working humor and stories into the course material.
-M.B., Proposal Leader, rated Mark 10 out of 10

Mark stopped to answer every question asked. He is dynamic and engaging. He obviously loves his work, which makes learning from him easy.
-From an anonymous evaluation form, TMS, rated Mark 10 out of 10

Wow, what a nice guy! He was very helpful and answered all our questions.
-J. H., Kratos, rated Mark 10 out of 10

Mark Swain is amazing! He is now our facilitator of choice!
-D.H., Training Director

Welcome to Daily Renaissance, a company dedicated to helping individuals and organizations reach their true potential.

Helping Individuals and Organizations Reach Their Potential

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